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Our purpose is to provide up and coming artists a gateway to professional written content to help jump start their career.


Services Include: Bio Writing | Bio Editing | One Sheet Writing


Bio Writing

Artist will be required to fill out a questionnaire for their writer. With the information gathered their writer will craft your personal artist bio.


Bio Editing

Our editors will read over your current bios, add more information, correct grammar and fix format accordingly.


One Sheet Writing

A one sheet outlines the details of a new release. Our writers will help you put together an exciting one sheet including descriptive reviews, contact info., suggested retail, genre, UPC code, and more

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Writing services are for any level of artist who wants to have a bio that represents their brand.  Whether it is to create a new bio or edit a current bio, our services offer all types of help to not only create well-written content but to help further expose your brand.


How it works:

Please fill out the online form below with your name, artist name, contact information, and a brief description of what you need from us. If you have a bio that you want edited, please copy and paste into the form below. A writer from our team will overview your inquiry, and send you a questionnaire that you will complete within one day of receiving it. This questionnaire is the best way for our writers to get to know you, so add as much information as possible.

Our writers will assess your answers and formulate a bio that exposes you as a person and as an artist.  You will be allowed two revisions, and after that there will be a fee of $20/hr for any extra revisions. This process should take up to 4 days maximum, please contact management at

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For more information on our services please contact management [at]
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