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a division of 6/8 Records

6/8 Management offers an array of music marketing and management services designed to help up and coming artists build their brand and promote music-driven products and other content to boost their blossoming careers.

Artist Management 








Artist Consultant

Management / Consulting


6/8 Management can help you discover your brand and guide you in in marketing yourself and your music. Services can include (but are not limited to) setting up a photo shoot, creating your concert poster, flyers, promotional materials, social media banners.


Available to artists in the New York. We would be happy to service your new album to our local radio stations. It’s important to “test your market” and be available and open to in-person and in-studio live radio interviews or performances. Success in your local market proves potential for success in other parts of the nation.


An experienced representative at 6/8 management with a background in PR will reach out to press outlets/blogs in your music genre to help raise awareness around your release, upcoming single, or project. We will work with you to create a press campaign and discover all the possible angles to expose your music. Writing Services are also available to help you with bio writing, one sheets and more.

6/8 Management is designed to assist developing artists with guidance and advice regarding their careers or upcoming release. Artists who are currently without representation tend to benefit most from this service. Send us a brief description of your project, who you are, a link to your music, and what you think you need help with and we can create a personalized and custom plan that is affordable for you (submission form below). We are open to work with you no matter where you are in your career/project, whether you have yet to record music, are in the middle of it,  or have a finished album. We want to hear from you!


Services Include (but are not limited to):


  • Social media / helping you build your reach / identify your audience

  • Assisting in building and editing your website to market your music accurately  

  • Image evaluation - Branding

  • Help gain exposure for your music/video/release

  • How to fund your campaign or project

  • A & R for your album release - Choose the right songs for your albums, connect you to the right producers + recording studio

  • Acting as a manager on your behalf regarding certain opportunities that could be beneficial to your career  (See publicity)


GRAMMY Award-nominated Multimedia Producer // Artist

"The fabulous consulting/design team at 6/8 Management provided critical support to help me get my album "Heliotrope" (Radiko Records) off the ground for release; from advising on my new social media pages and the presentation of my website, to consulting on my music video and album cover to designing the poster for my release show at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) I felt supported to take the music to the next level and reach new audiences. A great experience."


"Thank you so much... for having the patience and skill to read me drivel on about myself and come up with such a well rounded and sensitive narrative. I think you definitely locked in to the most important parts that I wanted to highlight. Bravo!"


"I am really happy with my bio and the experience. Both 6/8 and Tiina were extremely kind and they brought something to my bio that I certainly could not have done myself."

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If you are interested in working with 6/8 Management we would love to hear from you! Please note that when submitting audio make sure it is related to the project that you are inquiring about.  Your inquiry will be directed to a 6/8 team member who will review your submission and contact you. We look forward to hearing form you and working with you on your next project!

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